About Project

Moose Haven Lodge was a vision created to solve the lack of industry workforce accommodations in the Conklin and highway 881 corridor area.

Moose Haven Lodge is a 702 bed open lodge, featuring 3-storey dorm units, private floors with exercise facilities and meeting rooms, pri-va-suite dorms, and an executive dining facility. The lodge sets the standard for hospitality excellence along the highway 881 corridor.



Moose Haven Lodge is conveniently located in the Chipewyan Prairie Commercial Park. The commercial park is located on the west side of highway 881 at kilometre marker 217. View Map.

Moose Haven Lodge is excellently located to provide safe, fluid, and efficient transportation to many resource developments in the area.

Find out more about the history of the land and the naming of the lodge.


The long-term site plan includes:

  • Open booking access for accommodations
  • 3-storey dorms
  • Exercise and meeting facilities per floor
  • An executive dining facility
  • Private suite dorms
  • Large, open dining space with clerestory windows providing ample natural light
  • Two large multi-purpose rooms

Phased Development

The project will be developed in phases. Read on for more information about development.